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Updated – Kamco’s Facial Mask Policy

Updated – Kamco’s Facial Mask Policy

The following updated policy regarding face masks go in to effect starting tomorrow, 6/09/2020 for Kamco Associates:

The Facial Mask Policy has been updated and the changes will be effective tomorrow, June 9, 2020.  The policy will be posted on all bulletin boards. 

Associates that work 6 feet or more apart from other associates will be allowed to remove their masks or shields effective Tuesday, June 9, 2020.  If there is a physical barrier between associates working closer than 6 feet apart, they may also remove their masks or shields. 

The Ohio Department of Health has updated and revised its Order for Business Guidance and Social Distancing.  As such, we are modifying our policy.

Wearing a mask can cause a fogging effect on safety glasses where associates cannot see clearly, which may create a safety hazard. Also, a practical reason not to wear masks includes high temperatures which create a health risk.  Both of these items are covered under the exceptions for wearing facial coverings.  For these reasons and aligning with the Governor’s mandate, we will not require associates to wear facial coverings if that is their choice.

We strongly encourage our associates to wear face coverings while working in our facilities.

You must keep a mask with you at all times if you cannot avoid maintaining social distance.  Your safety and well-being are our greatest concern.


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